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 I am a BACP Accredited counsellor working in private practice.  


I mainly counsel clients with the following issues :

Workplace Stress and Depression


The NHS and NICE recommend ‘Talking Treatments’ for Stress and Depression; either talking therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  I am qualified in both.  My integrative approach to counselling means that I would have recourse to both techniques and use the method we agree would be most appropriate to your issues.

Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder


I am an Anxiety UK Approved and NICE qualified Counsellor.


Employee Assistance Programmes

As a result of these programmes I have counselled employees from Tesco, the Post Office, University of York and other major employers. I have the following official designations:

                          BUPA Approved Psychotherapist

                          Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

                          Psychotherapist on the Private Practice Register

                          Affiliate Counsellor for Lifeworks


Other Areas

I have considerable experience counselling young people in colleges and universities.  From 2014 to 2017 I was the Counselling Manager at Selby College.

My core training was intersubjective. I believe the key to successful counselling is a co-creation of the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client.

I work with within the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and am committed to continuing professional development.

I have a current DBS check.

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